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Skiing is my passion! Based out of SW Alberta for the last 15 years, I have skied all over the Rockies and Columbia Mountains. Whether you are a powder hound, a thrill seeker, or a modern-day explorer, I have got an idea. Here are a few to get you excited, or let's dream of something entirely different!

Charging down KC's Couloir at Castle Mountain Resort

Mt Gimli on the Valhalla Traverse


Wapta Traverse, Spearhead Traverse, Bugs to Rogers? What about the High Sierra Route? There is no better way to travel in the mountains than by ski! Explore deep into the remote ranges of Canada or the Sierra Nevada.

The best time of year for any of these trips is in the spring, when the days are longer and the snow stability is more predictable; think April, May, and even June some years.

Descent of North Star Peak in the Purcells, based out of the Olive Hut


Hut trips are becoming very popular in Canada. Get away from it all for a week! Eat, ski, sleep, repeat! Some of these trips require a helicopter to access, ensuring it will just be you and your group out there. The downside is that the huts book quickly, so generally a lot of planning is required, especially for mid-winter trips.

Alternatively, tent-based ski camps offer a more intimate way to experience a place. Not confined to areas with huts, or the competition for bookings, these are simple and easy to plan. If done in the spring, they can be downright comfortable!

Tent-based living in St Mary's Alpine Park


Dreaming of taking your skiing to the next level? Have you been eyeing those steep lines, but unsure of how to tackle them? Let me show you the ropes with a custom itinerary designed to give you the skills you need to to confidently drop in.

Dropping into KC's Couloir at Castle Mountain Resort

Rappelling off of Cirque Peak in the Canadian Rockies

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